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Sonu Bärlocher (Manager Dog Hotel)

In 1995, at the age of three, I was adopted by my "new" parents, Petra and Reto Bärlocher, and I came from India to Switzerland. I spent my school days in Küsnacht on Lake Zurich, as well as in the city of Zurich.

In 2007 my parents separated and I moved with my mother to Zumikon. One year later, my mother met Roberto and in 2009 we decided to move in together in a new apartment in Bülach.

After the sale of Roberto's bikini boutique in 2011, my mother and Roberto founded the dog daycare and boarding company, Doggy-Care, in Rümlang. In the spring of the same year our sweet Golden Retriever, Ashuna, joined our family. Through Ashuna, my interest and great love for dogs was really awakened.

From the very beginning, I was able to help with the dog care, including the humane and loving handling of dogs. Whenever I could, I helped with the dog daycare and boarding service, often taking care of the dogs, walking them or feeding them. In this way I have gained a lot of valuable experience.

Professionally, I completed my training as Healthcare and Social Assistant (AGS) at a retirement and care home in Zurich. Then I wanted to fulfill my desire to become a part of my family’s company, and finally get my "own" dog. Thus, I entered the family business in January 2017, and at the end of May 2017 I completed the job-specific FBA training required by BVET (Federal Veterinary Office) for the management of a small animal home (dog care).

In June 2017, I was able to introduce a new member to our family. Tuwa, my female dwarf Wirehaired Dachshund, born on March 30, 2017 in Landquart. The little spitfire does not only give our family lots of joy and love, but also a lot of "action" in the house. I am always facing great challenges in her education, which I have so far mastered with great dedication and patience.

With the restructuring from Doggy-Care to Ashuna's Dog Company GmbH, I took over the management position of the Dog Hotel, where my mother, Petra, and Roberto have vigorously supported me. I look very much forward to the future interesting duties in our family business.

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