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The southwest front of our house with sitting- and relaxing- area for the dogs.
Ashuna's Dog Hotel driveway, customer parking, and entrance.
The Mantovani family's private upstairs entrance.
The entrance area to Ashuna's Dog Hotel.
The downstairs entrance to Ashuna's Dog Hotel.
The reception area with baskets for the leashes and the food boxes for each dog.
Ashuna and Roberto working together on the new dog room . . .
. . . the finished room with 6 hygienic Orthopedic beds for a deep, healthy sleep.
The dog room with photos of our beastly-guests.
The "King’s Throne" in the dog room.
The ultimate and original drink station in the dog room.
"The Jester" and "King Arthur" quench every great thirst.
The office at Ashuna's Dog Hotel.
Our four-legged guests can hang out in the office if they're in the mood.
But the dogs can also move about freely in the living room if they feel like it.
The dining room is also a favorite hang out for our four-legged guests.
The access to the outside sitting area and the garden.
The sitting area with the chill-out lawn.
Our green tent offers comfortable shade in the summer.
Welcome to the outside drink bar at Ashuna's Dog Hotel.
A visit from school- and neighborhood children from Rümlang . . .
. . . one has always a fun experience dealing with dogs.
The lower playing area, on which the dogs can really let off steam.
The pee pee area for our 4-legged guests.
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