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Barbara Schilt and Cüneyt Acar from Zürich

Dear Petra, dear Roberto, dear Sonu

We have tried God knows how many dog ​​sitters in our short dog-owner career. The supply is huge, but unfortunately many do not uphold what they promise.

With you it is completely different. Rarely have we seen a facility that looks as impeccable and functions as yours. The images on your website are not "fake news".

The best proof of this is Pepita. Already a kilometer before our arrival point, in fact at the gas station at the roundabout, Madame King Poodle expresses herself with highly joyful tones and emotional excitement. And it happens every time I bring her to you. Wow or rather "Wau“…that is indeed record-breaking!

Whether boarding or daycare - you do an awesome job, with lots of knowledge, dedication and big passion. You love the animals, just like we also love them; one always notices and feels this.

The dog has a special place with humans, he/she is a full-fledged family member. And what would one not do for the family? The most important thing in our eyes is the out of home care. We are enormously happy that you and your establishment are there. We would have been glad if someone had told us about this secret tip much sooner.

For us, you are the A-Team in your profession, without question!

Our warmest thanks to you, your work, dedication and patience with all of the animals; it fascinates us again and again anew!

All of our best wishes
Pepita, Che & Babs

(E-Mail dated 25.9.2017)

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