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Inke and Stefan Schmidt with Wenya from Winkel

Dear Petra, Sonu & Roberto

It's me, Wenya . . . after 1.5 years now it's time to say "thank you"!

As an 11-year-old Goldie-grandma, several people have looked after me for some time, but nowhere has it worked so easily as with you. If I want to come on a different day, you are always so flexible.

At first I came to you only one day a week, and now it has become 3 days a week.

In the whole dog pack I feel golden-well and even if it gets turbulent, because everyone flits around me, I enjoy the luxury of being able to observe everyone, as I am definitely past the age and the mindset to have to mix in everywhere.

Even though I am not a morning type, you endure with a smile, and you always forgive me when I am slow to start and still have some sleep to catch up on. But when I finally wake up and the day can begin, then I can always come to you to collect my petting, and this is plentiful with you.

And if I do not want to go for a walk, because I'm soooo lazy, then I can stay at home, super !!!

Thank you and I hope that I will be fit enough for a long time, so that I can come to you.

Kind regards

Your Wenya with Dad Stefan and Mom Inke

(E-Mail dated 14.8.2017)

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