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Alexandra Müller with Byeleen from Dielsdorf

Dear Petra, dear Roberto

On Mondays I was standing ready, because Monday is Petra-Roberto-Dog day! Yahoo!!Unfortunately absolutely nothing happened. My dad wanted, as an exception, to go to work on Tuesday. Grrrrrr . . .

But then on Tuesday morning - finally I could go to you! Immediately I found lots of fun and gifts of affection, I did not want to go home anymore. It was also exciting because next to playing, walking and fun with the other dogs, we could watch Roberto putting together the winter lighting (or perhaps already Christmas lighting). Helping him out was unfortunately not possible . . .

It is very nice with you dear Petra and Roberto. Thank you very much for the warm care! I hope I can come to you for a long time.

See you soon and a warm woof woof


(E-Mail dated 23.10.2013)

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