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Marcel and Natascha Fischer with Aisha from Zurich

Dear Petra, dear Roberto

To get up early and go outside at daybreak is not at all a part of Aisha's favorite activities, especially in rainy weather. Then she stays sitting at the threshold, tilts her head and frowns, as if to ask whether you are out of your mind… When she realizes that we are on our way to your place: Tail up and off we go! Then it can not go fast enough, doesn’t matter if it's rain (or hailing) cats and dogs - although, if it would actually be cats, perhaps a little detour . . . ;-)

We find it great that Aisha is so happy to be with you and her four-legged playmates and everything works so well. We know that she is in the best hands and enjoys the day to the fullest - what more does one want?

Warm thanks to you both!

Marcel & Natascha

(E-Mail dated 6.10.2013)

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