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Ivonne, Mattes and Inia Schulz with Sari from Basersdorf

Dear Petra, dear Roberto, dear Sonu and dear Ashuna

I absolutely love it at your place. I get nervous already in the parking lot because I know immediately where we are headed. Mom often has difficulty holding on to the leash. I can frolic, get dirty, and I have found some friends with whom I can share a crazy moment…my paradise.

And mom and dad know that I am taken good care of. And you are also flexible. The three of us could experience that with total gratitude, especially after our family expanded with the arrival of a little loud and fidgety little human. Since then I enjoy your attention and loving care even more.

Many wet "kisses" from me and best regards from Mattes, Inia and Ivonne.

Your Sari

(E-Mail dated 8.8.2013)

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