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Laura and Roberto Martinelli with Kyra from Zurich

Dear Doggy-Care Team and Dear Guests

My name is Kyra and I am a Podenco Mix. My mom and dad adopted me in Southern Italy. We have been living in Rümlang since 2012. I have 7 siblings. My brother and I were the small, shy ones of the litter, fearful, perhaps also rejected from the pack and our mother while the others who were bigger and more active went to strangers. Unfortunately as a puppy I had a bad experience in a dog obedience school and dog care. I simply did not let strangers near me. I also lacked the teachings from my mother. Naturally, I immediately changed obedience schools and care. In a good school for puppies I then blossomed. As I was quickly overwhelmed by the environment, I needed more time than other dogs before I could win trust and feel safe.

For my mom, it was important that I could learn how to interact better with other dogs, which is why she searched for a dog care. And look, via the internet, my mom came upon Doggy-Care.

She immediately made an appointment. On the first visit to the dog care my mom and Nonna (mother of my mom) were very excited. We were warmly welcomed, many things were discussed, questions were answered. We did a trial daycare and quickly decided that I would go to Doggy-Care once a week. The Mantovani family decided to take me, and I have been in their care since October 2012.

At Doggy-Care I came back to life! The many large and small dogs which were there in the dog care were strangers to me, and I was overwhelmed. In the beginning I hid under the table. Alternately and patiently Roberto and Petra took time for me. I realized that Doggy-Care was different. There I quickly learned who the boss was and that the other dogs didn't bother me. Step by step, I am now making more and more progress.

I like to go to Doggy-Care. When my mom brings me, I run off, and go on my own to the gate, waiting impatiently until Petra opens it. My mom and I learn a lot. And for both of us it is a kind of therapy that works. We recommend Doggy-Care and look forward to a continuing good cooperation. They do it from their hearts and take their time for all of the dogs. They are consistent, have experience and give tips, whether you have a "problem child" or not.

So, that was my story and I send you warm greetings.

Wuff, Wuff Kyra with mom Laura,
dad Roberto and nonna Giovanna Russo

(E-Mail dated 5.2.2013)

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