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Tina Altherr with Mocca from Rümlang

Dear Petra and dear Roberto

Since my boss goes to work from time to time, luckily she found you. She is extremely happy for that, and so am I. Already when I see your house from a distance, I can't wait and begin to pull on the leash. I like it so much at your home, there is always something going on and you have cool dogs.

When my boss picks me up each time, she has a lot of fun with so many dogs and the hearty greetings from them all. She enjoys the "dog bath" and is always amazed how nice they all are and how well they behave themselves. She finds that you are extraordinarily competent and very loving to us. At home I lie in the basket and sleep deeply and soundly, totally knocked out from "partying". I'm already looking forward to the next time that I can go back to you.

Kind regards and until soon, Mocca

(E-Mail dated 5.2.2013)

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