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Magnus and Carola Küster with Barney from Zurich

Dear Doggy-Care Hompage Visitors

Let me introduce myself: My name is Barney and I am a Beagle dog, one and a half years old, with a distinct sense of play, having fun and socializing.

I have great beagle parents, but my mommy and daddy have to work during the day and since they do not want to leave me alone, they searched for a great place where I can go during the day . . . and they found it.

I find it here at Doggy-Care really "cool" and I always look forward to when I can come here (although I don’t want to say anything against my mom and dad . . .). Roberto is a cool guy, he's the boss and pack leader and I like him very much. And Petra is super nice, with her I can have wonderful cuddles and she always looks after me. In the morning we also go on our big walk and I can run with the big boys and girls - that is always great fun. This keeps me really fit and there is always enough time for me to use my keen nose. And when we get back, Petra always looks that I get something to eat - I love her for that.

But best of all, I find that I meet quite a lot of "pals" here, above all my best friend, Ashuna, with whom I can play all day and "horse around". Roberto then sometimes plays the "spoilsport" and calls us to order - he is of the opinion that obedience must also be. Even as a headstrong Beagle I have to say that he's right (but don't tell him, otherwise he'll do it more often). In the afternoon I play with my pals in the garden. We are a real "gang". Sometimes I also dig a teeny tiny hole in the lawn. Roberto does not really like that. If he catches me and scolds me, then I look at him really faithfully, and usually he gets nice again. He can then also play with my ears (not everyone is allowed to do that). Sometimes I try to trick him, but I think he always knows, but says nothing . . .

In the summer there are also sometimes grill parties, and mommy and daddy can also come. Roberto gets super meat and for us there is a deluxe bone - a real highlight :-). Sometimes I also come here on vacation - I have to rest from my mom and dad (or is that the reverse?). It's like a Club Med for dogs, I come back home totally relaxed. In the evening when I am picked up, I am usually a little done in, and look forward to a quiet home - and above all that I am fit again for the next Doggy-Care day.

Dear visitors, as you see, we have a lot of fun with Petra and Roberto and we are all glad to come back here again . . .

Your Barney

(E-Mail dated 25.1.2013)

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