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Stella Valencia and Roger Wüst with Matia from Winkel

Dear Petra, dear Roberto,

After a little dog care odyssey we can now, since a few months, count on your loving care of our somewhat mature poodle-lady, Matia - and we are more than happy to have found you.

After a short settling in phase, we now pick up a calm Matia from your place four times a week . . . Even if she is more fixed on humans and not really a "pack-dog", we are sure that she feels integrated with you. That Matia even sleeps during the day at your place, tells us how much she can relax. She enjoys the calm atmosphere and your kindness, quite obviously.

Thank you for your services and a thank you also, already, for in the future.

Kind regards

(E-Mail dated 21.12.2012)

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