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Helene and Wulf Haker-Rössler with Fritz from Zurich

Dear Petra, dear Roberto, dear Ashuna

It was such a relief for us to have found you, and to see how well Fritz fits in your pack and how much he likes to spend the days with you.

The fact that on the second morning he stood excitedly wagging his tail in front of your door, and didn't even have time to say to goodbye to me, was for me such a beautiful sign.

It did not surprise me, however, because I also very much liked the atmosphere and the loving care which you give to the dogs (and their keepers). So I always bring him to you with the good feeling that he can spend a great day with you and his new friends. That he has even found a new love (Ebony, the black beauty whose ears he wants to lick the whole day) makes the whole thing even better. I also realize how good it is for him, and how such things like jealousy, when I pet another dog, have completely faded into the background.

We become that which we are through the relationships we experience. This also applies to our dogs.

And in this sense the days with you are such a wealth of experience for Fritz, which we ourselves can't offer him.

Thank you very much for your valuable work, which we greatly appreciate.

Helene and Wulf with Fritz

(E-Mail dated 19.12.2012)

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