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Dominique Knöpfli with Cayenne from Oberglatt

My name is Cayenne, I am a 7-year-old female Dobermann. My mom is Dominique.

For a couple of weeks now I have been able to come to you each morning and return home in the evening. I have also already slept over at your place, when my mom was away on business and during vacation I could also stay with you. So within a short time I have already gotten to know the whole range of the Doggy-Care offer. I admit; in the beginning it was a bit difficult for me, I had to get to know you first! Also, the time before I could come to you was quite turbulent. But within a short time I settled in nicely. You are both VERY nice and have a lot of patience, and I think you have the right "feeling" for each of us dogs. Meanwhile, I look forward to when I can come to you in the morning and I don't find it bad anymore when my mom goes away. The other dogs are also nice and I feel balanced and satisfied again.

My mom is also completely relaxed, because she knows that I like it with you and that you take good care of me. And she greatly appreciates that I have found a place with you that covers all of "our" needs; daycare, an overnight stay or even when she wants to go on vacation and I can't go with her.

All in all I feel very good with you! Many Thanks!

Kind regards your Cayenne and Dominique

(E-Mail dated 14.10.2012)

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