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Karin Dziri with Lilly Puma from Embrach

Dear Doggy-Care Team

Many warm thanks for your loving care of Lilly Puma during my continuing studies. I am very glad that you are there, then nothing can go wrong if in the case of an emergency my little love needs to go quick to dog care.

The family atmosphere at your place, the loving attention and your great commitment to the well-being of every single one of your protégés is worth its weight in gold, it is unfortunately not like that everywhere. And if you need someone to take care of your beloved four-legged one, it comes down to one thing: Trust!

Meanwhile, we have been with you since July and I can hardly hold my dog back in the morning, because she likes so much to go there. She has become a self-confident, balanced and happy dog. And even if it should become possible in the future to look after my dog myself, I would never entirely deprive her of this pleasure.

Thank you for being there - Lilly Puma will be coming happily back to you!

Sincerely yours, Karin

(E-Mail dated 17.12.2011)

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