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You bring your dog to Rümlang each morning beginning at 6:00 am and we will take care of him/her with many games, sports, play and lots of petting, in a safe, very warm and family-style, loving and caring atmosphere, for an exciting and very varied day. In the evening, you will pick up again your relaxed, satisfied and happy dog.


You bring your dog to Rümlang as agreed with us and we will actively and lovingly take care of your beloved four-legged companion in a safe, very warm and family-style environment for two or more days, a weekend or the entire vacation. After the weekend or the vacation you pick up again your relaxed, satisfied and happy dog.

Meet and Greet - Daycare trial - Boarding trial

On a "Meet and Greet" appointment, you will come over with your dog and we will take you on a pleasant tour through our entire family's house and garden, where you can get a very good impression of where and how your dog will spend his/her day or vacation at Ashuna's Dog Hotel. Since we have a very pleasant and calm pack, we take only socially acceptable, obedient and sterilized dogs. If your dog meets these criteria and if he feels comfortable with us and in the pack, we will arrange either a daycare trial or a boarding trial. If the daycare or boarding trial is successful on both sides, we will be happy to take care of your dog as needed and agreed.

The course of a daycare or boarding day

With us, your dog spends the day practically as if at home and is integrated in a beautiful and well-kept ambience with house and large garden and in our totally normal daily routine. Your loved one can move around freely according to his or her wishes in the whole house as well as in the garden. In the morning, the big walk takes place alternately in small groups, at noon a fine meal is served, followed by a nap together and then play and petting during the afternoon, until all of the daycare dogs are picked up by their owners. Afterwards, the boarding dogs eat their more than well-earned dinner. In the evening, they are all cuddled, petted and caressed, listening to music, watching an interesting film or even an exciting football game. Before going to bed, another round is made on the "Pee-pee lawn" where everyone can still take care of their most urgent business. For sleeping, the dogs can choose any basket in which they feel most comfortable, in the living room, in the dog room or in the office. Then sleep, dream, lip-smack and snore until breakfast is served in the morning, and the first daycare dogs start arriving again.

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